Art, in all its forms, had always been of great importance at Hotel Café Central 4*. Whether it’s well-known masters or aspiring young artists: Everyone appreciates and has always appreciated the Central as a welcome platform for exchange and for discussion. In addition to the many impressive pieces of art which hang on the walls in the coffee house, the Central dedicates an entire floor to its probably most famous guests. So, as a hotel guest, you can admire rare pictures from Anton Christian, Norbert Drexel, Richard Kurt Fischer, Paul Flora, Dietmar Kainrath, Renate Kraus, Oswald Oberhuber, Rudi Wach, Max Weiler and Arthur Zelger that you certainly would never come across in any other hotel.

Max Weiler

Max Weiler, born in 1910 in Absam, was an influential Austrian painter whose works achieved global fame. His portfolio includes, until his death in 2001, around 1,600 paintings and 3,500 drawings which brought him numerous prizes, awards and distinctions on a national and international level. Max Weiler was most well known to the general public for his large-scale works in public spaces.  And Hotel Café Central pays homage to this Tyrolean grand artist with numerous works which can be admired on an entire floor in the hotel. Similar to many other artists, Max Weiler liked to visit Café Central – when time permitted – and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of the coffee house.

Paul Flora

A true master in his field, Paul Flora was also a Tyrolean drawer, caricaturist, graphic artist, illustrator and author to whom we have also dedicated an entire floor at the Hotel Central. His “nervous thunderstorms with strokes” composed using lithography, etching and pen and pencil drawing usually show melancholy and seemingly dark subjects which, however, has no negative impact on his popularity. Quite the contrary. Paul Flora was always extremely proud that his works are more frequently to be found in living rooms, rather than in museums, which made him an extremely popular artist far beyond the Tyrolean borders. This exceptional Innsbruck artist, living in the Hungerburg area, was a regular guest at Café Central and, for by Tyroleans, today is still considered an artist in the alpine region who had in important impact.

Richard Kurt Fischer

Anyone who attempts a watercolour technique, which is only possible in wet conditions and thus in a limited time frame, becomes aware of the unbelievable talent of Richard Kurt Fischer. He was the creator of both huge watercolour paintings at the rear area of the coffee house and was a horse lover. In addition to his own horse studies, which are displayed in the Kirschzimmer at Café Central, his “horse with bust” catches the eye in the hotel breakfast room, combining his art of watercolour painting with his penchant for horses. Anyone visiting the Salzburg Festival knows one of this most works, where his horse tessellation adorns the entrance. The often underestimated Richard Kurt Fischer, student of Oskar Kokoschka, attended Innsbruck state vocational school from 1936 to 1939 and was a welcome guest at Café Central; he stopped even when he attended the University of Applied Art in Vienna and during his many trips abroad.

Dietmar Kainrath

Before taking his very striking caricatures and cartoons in which he expressed his view of the world to the level of ort, he also worked as an independent commercial artist in Tyrol. His countless drawings on the subjects of Tyrol, justice, politics, addiction and sport were well known to a wide audience for decades. The caricatures he produced for the beverage brand Red Bull are a famous example. Kainrath’s unique strokes and the many national and international publications of his works make him popular beyond national borders and one of the leading caricaturists. The Café Central is particularly happy to have a wide range of works that are about our coffee house and mourns the recently deceased Dietmar Kainrath, who often found his inspiration on a prolonged visit to Café Central.

Arthur Zelger

What would Tyrol be without its world-famous logo? It is still such an invaluable asset to the Tyrol brand, even decades after its development. The inventor and creator of the word-image brand is one of the most influential figures in Austrian graphic design and has shaped the world of tourism in Tyrol and Tyrol advertising with his numerous pieces of work. Arthur Zelger’s works have become true icons, much like the “Central logo” that was also designed by him. Zelger initially started his career as a commercial artist before becoming one of the most famous designers in Austria thanks to his distinctive style. You’ll find many of his famous posters and graphics at the Central, which still have an unmistakable effect years after their creation. Arthur Zelger was also a loyal visitor to Café Central up until his death in 2004.

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